Pride in Newry

Pride in newryThe Pride in Newry Festival wants to celebrate all that’s good about our city and to show that we are indeed proud of where we live. We want as many sections of the community involved as possible. In fact for it to be the roaring success which our city deserves we need everyone involved!

Pride in Newry is the newest edition to the vibrant pride festivals of Northern Ireland. Newry has a long history of tolerance and acceptance of LGBT people and unlike in Belfast where there sometimes remains a few quiet protesters  Newry Pride 2012 suffered no such protests. In fact it was rather inspiring to see so many shops and businesses supporting LGBT people simply by waving the rainbow flag. Coming back this year Pride in Newry is an excellent and must see event with colour festivities and family fun with a hint of political activism and human rights awareness. A sure fun family day for all!

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Pride in Newry is beginning its second year and is looking to expand ever more, building on the success of last year. This year the Pride in Newry parade will be Saturday 31st August. But remember Pride is not only just about the parade itself. Why not come along and sample some queer culture by coming along to events during Pride week? From family fun days, to film nights and club evenings there is surely something for everyone. For information about upcoming events for Pride in Newry click here.


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Newry Pride takes place all over the city. It is a family friendly Pride festival celebrating the lives of LGBT people and acting as a reminder to society that though life is getting better for LGBT people in Newry there is still more work to be done. Often the week’s festivals will take place in Newry Rainbow Community Centre, clubs like Bellini’s or around the Hill Street area.[/toggle]

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Pride in Newry is a new festival. As such the festival is free but any donations to help us continue this wonderful and colourful festival would be much appreciated. You will find us out rattling our buckets and organising fundraisers to help us bring you the top events in Northern Ireland so please, if you can, give generously.


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