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LGBT NI is a conglomeration of many different groups within Northern Ireland who have really come together an work closely to provide needs based services for the LGBT community and their families in Northern Ireland.Welcome to LGBT NI – a place dedicated to providing information and support for LGBT people on LGBT services across Northern Ireland. LGBT NI has been funded by the PHA as part of a strategy to increase public awareness of the excellent work of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender support organisations across Northern Ireland.



What Do We Do?

LGBT NI is coordinated by all the different sectoral groups which work directly to support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and/or Transgender people and their families in Northern Ireland. Our organisations work to ensure that the needs of the LGBT community are being heard in our government, in our media and in our society. We work to end invisibility of LGBT people and other minorities in our communities and seek to promote equality of opportunity for all people regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Our services include:

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[item]Health and well-being services[/item]
[item]Peer and social support services[/item]
[item]Counselling services[/item]
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[item]Helpline and online support services[/item]
[item]Befriending and mentoring services[/item]
[item]Policy and Advocacy services[/item]



Our teams of volunteers and staff are comprised of LGBT activists and leading experts in LGBT equality whose goals are to work closely to build a society that is equal and free of sexism, homophobia and transphobia.


Meet the Team



John O’Doherty

Director of Rainbow Project

John began work for The Rainbow Project as Equality Officer and swiftly moved up the ranks to oversee the organisation. As a staff member he works with sector partners to provide LGBT awareness training to the PSNI. John is a tireless and vocal campaigner for LGBT rights across Northern Ireland and you might often see him being interviewed by the BBC or UTV on the relevant issue of the day.

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Steve Williamson

Director of Cara-Friend

Steve Williamson began coordinating Cara-Friend in 2008 after joining the team from Black Mountain Zen Centre where he also acted as coordinator. Steve has dedicated himself to the betterment of Cara-Friend and the LGBT community. He manages an incredibly diverse organisation and a small staff team who work to provide information, advice and support for the LGBT community and their families in Northern Ireland.

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Cara McCann

Coordinator of Here NI

Cara has long been an active member of the LGBT sector even before she joined Here NI as coordinator and previously worked in Community Change. Cara has worked tirelessly with Here NI to raise the awareness of LGB women’s issues within the wider LGBT community and society. Cara manages a small but dedicated team of staff who work to provide some of the most vulnerable women in our society with a safe space free from persecution on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.

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