The Gay Police Association

The Gay Police Association


  • The Gay Police Association (GPA) is a police staff association with members in all 52 UK police forces. The GPA was founded in 1990 as LAGPA (Lesbian and Gay Police Association) and represents the needs and interests of gay and bisexual police officers and police staff in the United Kingdom.
  • Much of the history regarding the formation of the Association can be found in “Coming Out Of The Blue” a (1993) book by former Metropolitan police officer and founding LAGPA member Marc Burke. The Association changed its name to Gay Police Association (GPA) following a vote of its membership in 2001.

The GPA’s Objectives

  • Promote equal opportunities for gay and bisexual men and women in the police service
  • Offer advice and support to gay and bisexual men and women in the police service
  • Improve relations between the police service and the wider gay community.
  • G.P.A is not seeking to be a representative body or supersede any statutory staff association or other representative body.
  • Membership of G.P.A is not to be taken as an indication of a person’s sexual or social orientation.


  • GPA Committee meets quarterly and consists of: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Social Secretary, Treasurer.
  • The group has been identified up to Chief Officer level within the PSNI as the main support group for gay police staff.
  • The GPA meets bi-monthly and the group is represented on external groups such as the Gay and Lesbian Community Safety Initiative and Community Safety Forums that provide an opportunity for members of the gay community to express their views on a variety of issues. The GPA attends recruitment events and are able to raise awareness about the diverse nature of today’s police service.


  • The GPA enjoys a great social life with nights out and team building days throughout the year. These have proven to be a great success and not only have they been great fun, they have provided a great support network for all involved.