Gender Essence

Gender Essence Support Services offer much needed help to Trans* and Gender Variant people and their significant others by offering a non-judgemental counselling & support service, including those who are post op who struggle with the changes post op as well as pre op or just questioning, taking a holistic approach to support of its service users. We also work to raise awareness of Trans* issues to organisations and the general public offering training and advice.

Our Services Include:

Face to Face Counselling

Listening Ear

Couples Counselling

Children and Young Persons Counselling

Awareness Training

Promoting Trans* awareness



We have recognised the need to provide training to professionals as there is a lack of understanding and knowledge when dealing with Trans* and Gender Variant people. We also offer support and help to service users to help them in everyday life.

Raising awareness of Gender Essence expertise in relation to issues impacting on Trans* and Gender Variant people in Northern Ireland, and Influencing policy in constructive and concerted campaigns. Also promoting Trans* and Gender Variant people and their concerns.


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