Belfast Butterfly Club

Belfast Butterfly Club

The Belfast Butterfly Club is a group of people who want to reach out to others who, like themselves, are transgendered.

The Club aims to provide a sympathetic ear to help others to come to terms with being a transvestite or a transsexual and to help their friends and family as well as the wider community understand what being transgendered means.

Founded in 1991, the Club has a sound track record of providing emotional and peer support to hundreds of people in Northern Ireland.

With the support of charitable donations the Belfast Butterfly Club operates a telephone helpline every Wednesday evening between 8pm and 10pm. A friendly voice is only a phone call away.

Open meetings are held in Belfast on the first and third Tuesday of the month when new members may come along and join in the activities.

Meetings are also held for members only in Lisburn every Wednesday.

What the club is… 

a self help group where everyone can contribute
a professionally run voluntary organisation with solid goals and ideals
a sympathetic, helpful environment where individuals are treated with respect
somewhere you can belong if you are a genuine TV or TS
a place where you could bring your maiden aunt if you wanted to.

What the club is not… 

a dating agency
a place for thrill seekers or time wasters
a drag night club
a place where improper behaviour will be tolerated
a legitimate focus for media sensationalism.


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